A.R. Dragonfly Vol. 2 Available Now!

The wait is finally over! If you’ve been following my progress page, you should have seen the second volume get closer and closer to completion. I’m happy to say that everything has been wrapped up and Vol. 2 of A.R. Dragonfly is now available on Amazon in both Physical and Kindle formats!

As with all of my other books, the Physical version is $9.99 while the Kindle version is $1.99.

Volume two of A.R. Dragonfly focuses on the Legacy of Champions tournament; a tournament specifically for Blaze Auras that’s set up and run by Nickname Studios, the developers behind the game. Amber enters the tournament but due to the events that concluded volume one, the stakes have never been higher! It also takes her rivalry with Khaine to an entirely new level!

I hope that you’re looking forward to checking it out!

With that, comes a plethora of site updates!

On the downloads page, I’ve added the official desktop wallpaper for Vol. 2 which features character artwork done by my artist Zara. In addition, there are two new cellphone wallpapers available to download for free featuring new character Lynn Aichner, and Sebastian’s father Jeremiah Carmichael who received art in this volume!

The characters page has been updated with a biography for Jeremiah as well! It will add a little extra insight to his character while recapping what has already been established from the first volume.

A link to purchase Vol. 2 has been added to the main menu under the A.R. Dragonfly section. The progress page has been updated to reflect Vol. 2’s release and the main A.R. Dragonfly page has been updated to include basic information on the title.

So where do we go from here?

With Vol. 2 released, that means it’s time for me to get back to work. The next step is reading through my first draft of Volume 3 and advancing that into the second draft phase. At that point, I will have an idea of what I want for character art and I will deliver those descriptions to Zara. While he works on the artwork, I will begin writing Volume 4!

I already have a couple of concepts in mind for some of the characters, including a brand-new character named Takumi Karume who will be making his first appearance in the next volume! Also, I have artwork planned for Triggabyte, Lynn’s character in Blaze Auras! Versaithe will also be making a return in Vol. 3, too, so he’s going to need some art as well! The cast just keeps getting bigger!

In the meantime, I’ve also been brainstorming some additional story plots that I think could be the focus of future volumes. I’m excited for what the future holds for this series but it’s quite painful to have to keep all future plot stuff a secret!

For now, enjoy the new volume!

If you are a member of the press or have a blog/website, PDF review copies are available for all of my books! Contact me with your details and I will send a file out to you!

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