I’m Joshua J. Piedra but I guess you knew that from the title of this site (or maybe you didn’t, who am I to judge?) As you may or may not have guessed based on this site, I am a self-published light novel author; however, I am more than just someone who puts words to a page to construct worlds, stories, and characters.

I have always enjoyed writing. I’ve been writing for well over 20 years and have created numerous short stories, characters, and the like. Despite this, I am a geek through and through. I grew up as a geek, am still a geek today, and will probably depart this mortal plane as one.

With that being said, I enjoy a lot of geeky things such as gaming, anime, and manga. In fact, I love gaming so much that I went to college and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design with the hopes and aspirations to become a Producer in the game industry. That didn’t exactly pan out the way I had hoped but I did manage to land a job as a Graphic Designer… just not in the game industry. Horseshoes and hand grenades as they say.

When I’m not making stuff look good for the company I work for, I work as a Managing Editor of Anime and Manga for a geek culture website known as The Outerhaven. There, I do anime/manga reviews, news posts, as well as interviews for potential new site members and all that fun manager-type stuff. The whole writing light novels aspect falls into my spare time which, thanks to my magical time management skills, is more abundant than you’d think.

That’s me in a nutshell. If you were hoping for more personal information such as my social security number, bank account info, or my routine schedule with a list of my greatest fears written on the back, then I’m sorry to disappoint… or maybe thankful that I’ve disappointed you.

Nevertheless, THANK YOU for checking out my site and I hope you find entertainment in the stories I have crafted and will continue to craft in the years to come.