I want to thank everyone who took advantage of the Christmas sale and downloaded a copy of either Final Hope or A.R. Dragonfly (or both!). Almost made it to 100 books but, despite not hitting triple digits, I’m still flattered that many people took part in the sale. My only hope is that you enjoy the stories I’ve written and would love to hear your feedback on them.

Now that the books are out of the sale, I decided to reduce the price of my eBooks to $1.99 each (down from $4.99). This price will also include any new and future eBook releases. When you’re still a relatively new author, it’s easier to invest in me at a lower price point as there is less risk to take on someone you’re unfamiliar with.

I would do the same with the physical versions but $9.99 is already close to the minimum price Amazon requires me to charge.

If you missed the free sale, it will be back but only when I believe the timing would be beneficial, such as the Holiday Season. Not saying you’re going to have to wait a year for it to come around again… just using it as an example.

Again, thank you to everyone who downloaded a copy of one of my books! Look forward to Monday for an official announcement regarding A.R. Dragonfly!

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