Main Characters

Daiki Kenjimaru

Daiki is the nicest and cutest kid at school who has a big heart. Unfortunately, he has a curse where no girl ever wants to date him!

Miko Kioshi

Miko is a 16-year-old girl from Aomori, Japan. A bit of a rebel with a sassy attitude, she only wishes to forge her own path rather than the one dictated by her parents.

Supporting Characters

Hina Sawamura

Hina is a conniving girl who has a vicious grudge against Daiki. She constantly reminds him that he is meant to be lonely in the world.

Akari Chitose

Akari is Hina’s silent friend who doesn’t say anything whenever she berates and belittles Daiki.

Riku Kobayashi

Hina’s boyfriend. Pretty much a ‘yes man’ when it comes to Hina. He will go along with anything she says.

Kota Kenjimaru

Daiki’s father and the co-owner of several businesses. A loving father that is a bit on the stern side. Always believes in hard work and honesty.

Rei Kenjimaru

Daiki’s mother and the co-owner of several businesses. The voice of reason when it comes to Kota and someone who probably coddles Daiki a bit more than he should be.