Amber Ryann

Amber Ryann 1 TransAmber Ryann is a professional gamer who climbed her way up to the top of the leaderboard of a game called Blaze Auras. Behind the keyboard, she is as extroverted and colorful as they come; however, when she’s out in public, she becomes the most introverted person with a severe case of social anxiety. She will only talk to those she trusts and even still, she’ll never spill her guts about a subject unless it’s something she’s fully interested in.

Sebastian Carmichael

Sebastian TransDuring his off time, Sebastian is a professional gamer in the fantasy MMORPG Shadow Wing. The rest of the time, he is the owner of a geek culture store called Things N’ Stuff. Sebastian didn’t want to be a business owner but his father, Jeremiah Carmichael, insisted that he learn how to run a business so he could, one day, inhereit his father’s company. Sebastian would much rather spend his time gaming more than anything else. He ends up employing Amber as a way to satisfy one of his father’s orders of managing a staff of workers but he grows closer to Amber as time goes on and becomes her one and only friend. Sebastian has a very snarky and sarcastic side to him and isn’t afraid to crack a joke at your expense.

Kaito Akihiko

Kaito TransKaito is a customer who often frequents Things N’ Stuff. He recently got into playing Blaze Auras. Before Blaze Auras, Kaito loved to play both first-person shooters as well as fighting games. He is originally from Japan but moved to the United States for family business reasons. While he seems like a normal person, he has his insecurities, especially when it comes to those he interacts with.



Dragonfly 2 TransDragonfly is a hybrid class character in Blaze Auras. Her primary class is a Gunslinger while her secondary class is a Martial Artist. She is balanced for melee, light defense, as well as ranged attacks. Her attire is a combination of both classes. The armor pieces come from the Martial Artist set while the holster, gun, and bodysuit come from the Gunslinger class.


Khaine 2 TransKhaine is a hybrid class character in Blaze Auras. His primary class is a Jungle Stalker while his secondary class is a Time Lord. Khaine heavily relies on melee attacks and uses the Time Lord’s spells for defense as well as offense. The Jungle Stalker’s stealth also makes for a great defense but the class combination only has a few damage avoidance abilities and doesn’t have any damage mitigation/reduction abilities like other classes and requires a higher skill level to play effectively.

Lynn Aichner

lynn_by_kilaquin-dcqaw5aLynn is an outgoing, extroverted audiophile with a punk rocker look. Her outwardness can seem a bit overbearing at times. After meeting Amber at the Legacy of Champions tournament, she is on a personal mission to befriend her. She is the handler of Triggabyte, a Jungle Stalker / Time Lord class combo, similar to Khaine although her skills using the class seem to be higher than his. When she’s not playing Blaze Auras, she creates her own original audio tracks that she sells online.


Jeremiah Carmichael

Jeremiah CarmichaelJeremiah is the father of Sebastian Carmichael and is an angel investor. His company, Capital Investments, will invest money into startups in exchange for profit and high returns. He pampered Sebastian as a child in order to gain his favor so that when the time came, he could hold that generosity over Sebastian’s head. The goal was to guilt-trip Sebastian into becoming the successor to his company. Jeremiah is also the benefactor that is keeping Things N’ Stuff open. He sees Amber as an eyesore and doesn’t want the store to be associated with someone like her.

Daniel McDevitt

daniel mcdevitt_transDaniel McDevitt is a lead developer at Nickname Studios, which creates the game Blaze Auras. He is also the host and creator of the Legacy of Champions tournament. Daniel can be very business-like when it comes to public relations but when he is up close and personal with the players and fans of Blaze Auras, he’s more down to Earth than one might imagine.


Takumi Karume

Takumi Karume 1Takumi Karume is Kaito Akihiko’s best friend. Like Kaito, Takumi and his family moved from Japan to live in the United States but for a completely different reason. Takumi is the one responsible for getting Kaito into Blaze Auras. He has a very warm and welcoming personality and is always thoughtful and respectful, the direct opposite of Kaito. Kaito often thinks of him as his own personal sun and someone who keeps him in balance.



VersaitheVersaithe is a hybrid class in Blaze Auras. His primary class is a Dark Knight while his secondary class is a Holy Warrior. His style is built around prolonging matches, wearing opponents down, and finishing them when their resources are depleted



file.pngTriggabyte is a hybrid class character in Blaze Auras handled by Lynn. Like Khaine, she is a Jungle Stalker/Time Lord hybrid class; however, unlike Khaine, she sports parts of the Time Lord armor set. While she has some similar skills to Khaine, her skill set is different as Lynn boasts a higher skill rate with the class.