The next installment of the slice-of-life drama light novel series, From Ashe is here! You can pick up a copy today in Paperback, Hardcover, and/or Kindle format to continue your journey alongside Ashe Sawyer as she aims to become a published author!


The Competition Continues!

Ashe heads into the second round of the writing competition but she soon learns that more than a top prize is on the line.

A series of unfortunate events rattle Ashe to her very core as she deals with an old rival, a still-developing relationship with Renji, and the continued headaches from dealing with a job she would much rather quit.

As always, From Ashe Vol. 5 is available in the following formats:

Paperback – $12.99
Hardcover – $19.99
Kindle – $4.99
Kindle Unlimited – Free

You can find the primary link here where all three versions should be available on the same page:

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