April Progress Update

How’s it going!?

I know it has been a hot minute since I did a progress update but that’s because there wasn’t much to really talk about; however, all of that has changed as I have some things to update you guys on so why waste more time with this intro? Let’s get started!

From Ashe

As of the last progress update, From Ashe Vol. 5’s main story is complete and in first draft. All that is left for this is the editing and the art… however… the artwork will have to wait as I’m still paying down debt which is why I’m a bit late with this release. I will have to ask for more patience as I get things sorted out.

In the meantime, I haven’t stopped writing. I have From Ashe Vol. 6 underway with one and a half chapters written. I also have plans for Vol. 7 as well and will probably write that volume once I finish Vol. 6. Volume 7 looks to conclude one of the major story arcs involving a character while Volume 6 looks to kick off a new story arc for Ashe!

I already have an idea for the front cover of Volume 5 and I’m tempted to commission just that; however, I know that if I do and reveal the cover, it could send the wrong signal that the book is on the way and I don’t want to cause that misconception.

The good news is that the debt is getting paid down, so we are getting closer to a point where I could potentially afford art again. I just can’t put a time frame on that just yet.


As you know, I had previously announced that Final Hope was being discontinued as a paid option. I wanted to create a pain-free entry point for new readers to see my writing style and what I can do with a story. While it is my debut series and I have learned a lot since then, I still felt it was the best option for new readers to check something of mine out.

That’s why Final Hope’s two volumes were consolidated into a digital omnibus of sorts and placed on Honeyfeed. You can head there right now and read it in its entirety completely free of charge!

But why stop there?

I just said that I learned a lot since then so what if new readers want a pain-free entry to my current stuff? That’s why I am excited to announce that you can grab the first chapter of From Ashe Vol. 1 for free on BookFunnel right now! If you like what you see, you can continue your journey by picking up the first volume through the Buy Books link on the site!

A Little Bit of Fun

Sorry, guys. From Ashe is not getting a television anime from Kyoto Animation. It was an April Fools joke and I thought with the news breaking on 4/1 that people would have gotten the joke…

…and some did but there were a few that didn’t but while I do feel a bit bad for tricking you, I was happy to see what your reactions would have been had everything been true!

At least I know there are people out there who are genuinely excited to see From Ashe (or heck, any of my works) become an anime. Who knows? Maybe one day an anime company will have the guts to take the risk and create history! Someone is bound to become the first OELN author to get an anime adaptation and just like all of my peers, I hope that it’s me.

Maybe one day…

Right to Your Email

I’ve added a button to the sidebar on my site that is about as straightforward as it gets. You can now sign-up to receive these updates and/or special offers and promotions right to your email!

Yep, I have a newsletter option now and it will be handled through Hubspot. I have previous experience with them thanks to my 8-5 job using it before switching over to Pardot so setting up a free account, making a form and a landing page was already second nature. So, if you like to digest these updates and more through email rather than stopping by my site, feel free to sign-up!

Until Next Time

Another short and to-the-point update but with a few things happening, I figured that one of these could be useful. Plus, it’s not too far into the start of a new month so the timing works out.

Hopefully, I’ll have some more good stuff to share next month so, until then…

Ja ne!

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