August Progress Update

Welcome to a brand-new month which means it’s time for a progress update on all things From Ashe! Let’s get right into it and not waste any time!

First and foremost, the update is coming a couple of days later than usual. I, typically, like to release these on the first but I’ve been very busy over the weekend getting things settled with Volume 3 as well as backing up my entire PC in preparation for my new one!

As of now, my new PC is up and running and everything that I need and/or want has been loaded and transferred over!

If you are curious, the specs are:

Core i7-10700F
16 GB DDR4 3200MHz
nVidia RTX 3080
2TB Mechanical HDD
Liquid Cooling

The PC I was using was 6 years old and really starting to show its age. After a video driver conflict that started causing hard crashes, I decided to use it as an excuse to finally upgrade! So, that was one of the reasons as to why this update came a couple of days later than usual.

As for the other…

From Ashe Vol. 3 is Done!

In addition to backing up my PC, I spent the entire weekend going through the book page by page to make sure everything was in order. A PDF has been rendered and submitted to Amazon and Pre-Orders for autographed copies are now live!

Of course, during the pre-order window… if anyone wants autographed copies of Volume 1, Volume 2, or both (or even all three), you are more than free to place an order for them. Instructions on how to pre-order can be found here: From Ashe Vol. 3 Pre-Orders now Live – Joshua J. Piedra (

Volume 4

Yeah, Volume 3 didn’t really have a long update section because it really was just “I edited the book and now it’s done. Go get your copy!”

That leaves us with the next installment in the series. With everything with Vol. 3 wrapped up, I went ahead and outlined the entirety of Volume 4! All that is left to do is begin writing it and start the process all over again!

Hmm… another short update section…

Milestones Reached

With the release of From Ashe Vol. 3 imminent, this will mark two milestones for me.

The first is that this will be the 20th overall book I’ve published. Two volumes of Final Hope, Fourteen total volumes of A.R. Dragonfly, the A.R. Dragonfly art book, and now three volumes of From Ashe! Hitting the big two-zero in just four years feels like an amazing feat and I have no intention of slowing down!

The other milestone is that between the 19 actual books (not counting the art book), I have crossed the 1 million words written milestone! Still equally as mind-blowing as publishing 20 books.

A Couple of Projects

In addition, I have a couple of projects I’m working on in relation to my books. I was hoping to show off one of them with this project update as things should have been in order with it last week; however, that is not the case. I will have to get in touch with my contact to see how things are going with it.

I will give you a hint… if you like Discord games… you might be interested.

The other project I will reveal in due time as it is a longer process and it may or may not come through. Time will tell with this one but I will say that I have already done everything for it on my end and I’m just playing the waiting game for now.

Until Next Time

Another short progress update but it’s, once again, due to the fact that all of the hard work I’ve done can be summed up in so few words. Reading back over this, it doesn’t seem like I did a lot but it sure felt like I did.

Next time, the progress update will be a few days late again but that will be intentional as I will be launching From Ashe Vol. 3 on September 1, the day the progress update should be going out.

If my first project comes through, I will do a separate post between then and now. Until then…

Ja ne!

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