Pre-orders for autographed Paperback copies of From Ashe Vol. 3 are now live! Pre-orders will be available until Sunday, August 8 at 11:59 PM EST.

To pre-order, either use the form on the website to contact me or send an e-mail to with “From Ashe Vol. 3 Pre-Order” in the subject line.

Remember to include your mailing address of choice so I can send the book out when it arrives. Also include a valid PayPal email for billing.

The official release date for Vol. 3 is September 1, 2021. Due to printing and shipping times caused by COVID-19, you may receive your book earlier or later than the release date so please keep that in mind.

The price of a paperback autographed copy is $25. Discounts are given for those who order more than one volume.

1 Volume – $25

2 Volumes – $40

3 Volumes – $60

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