Things are moving along to the point where I felt that I needed to do a second update for February!

In the last update, I was a bit frustrated with the artwork in the book in relation to its progress; however, I found out what was going on in that aspect and I’m happy to say that the artwork is moving forward once again with Zara. So far, I have received two completed pieces for volume three depicting our lovable main character Amber! Unfortunately, I would love to show them off to all of you but both art pieces contain spoilers from the third volume so I can’t, in good conscience, spoil a book that hasn’t come out yet. I’ll be sure to add them to the site after a good chunk of time has passed, though.

I also received the sketch for Vol 3’s newest character Takumi Karume!


The non-spoiler biography for Takumi is that he is Kaito’s best friend and, like Kaito, moved to America from Japan along with his family.  He sports a very respectful and warm personality that makes you just want to constantly hug him! There are going to be many facets to Takumi as a character, some of which I have planted the seeds for since volume 1. This means when you learn more about Takumi, things that I have written in the past will begin to click and you’ll understand the tie-ins he has to the story.

I actually have another character like that coming up in volume 4 as well. I’m a big fan of introducing characters or situations earlier in the series and then revealing their involvements in later volumes. It helps build a richer world and it also makes the reader think about everything they are reading. It makes you pay attention to the smaller details and I think that makes for a more compelling story!

I’m so glad I mentioned volume 4 because that affords me the opportunity to segue into that. As of this blog update, volume 4 is 50% completed! Even though the progress page says only 3 chapters are in first draft, chapter 4 is half written. 3.5 chapters written, 7 chapters total… the math speaks for itself.

I’m introducing even more characters in chapter 4. Two brand-new characters and one returning character from a previous volume that flew under the radar by design. As a world grows, so shall its inhabitants. That also holds true for Blaze Auras as well. Volume 3 will see some artwork for Triggabyte (Lynn’s online character) as well as another one from Blaze Auras which ties into another spoiler I can’t talk about. Volume 4 will see the depiction of the Arcanist class as well as another piece of art which will represent another class from Blaze Auras (again, spoilers so forgive the vagueness).

I also haven’t been just writing. I’ve been working on artwork myself for volume 4. I loved the idea of having a 2-page spread in volume 2 that I decided that I’m going to continue that in volume 4. I’m not having just one 2-page spread in that volume… I’m having FOUR of them! However, what I do with those four spreads is going to be rather interesting so get hyped for volume four’s release (hopefully) at the end of the year!

I know I used the word spoiler a lot in this update. I’m finding it harder and harder to talk about the series the further it progresses. This series has me so excited that I would love nothing more than to discuss everything I have planned and have written but I know that’s not very healthy for the series overall. I mean, if you want a kill a series, that’s how you kill a series. Just spoil everything before it even officially launches!

I’m just happy things are moving along smoothly again but I also wanted to make this update to announce an announcement! Xzibit would be proud of me.

The March update was simply going to be another progress update… which it will be but I’m tacking on something special for that update! I wouldn’t want to GIVE it AWAY or anything so I’ll make you guys wait a couple of weeks before I make the announcement official.

I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have put the word “give” and “away” in all caps. People might put it together and figure it out or something.

Oh well.

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