August Progress Update

Hello and welcome to the sweltering heat known as the dog days of summer. This is going to be a brief Progress Update because there really isn’t much to talk about but you all deserve to know what’s going on so here we are!

From Ashe Vol. 8

Last month, I was halfway done with From Ashe Vol. 8. Now, we are here in August and the book is fully in first draft which includes the standard seven chapters along with the bonus chapter! All total, before any edits, we are sitting at 68,012 words for this book. Yep, another beefy boi!

All that is left is for me to do the first major editing pass and get a commission sheet worked up and sent over to Alex… however… I’ll probably hold off on that for a little while because I do have some other plans for my money at the moment… plus… I have something else that I need to handle…

J-Novel Club Contest

Yes! I am entering another writing competition! This time, it’s through J-Novel Club which is owned by one of the biggest manga publishers in the world… KADOKAWA. At least I know that this one will be professionally run!

I already decided to write a slice-of-life drama romance called My Regularly Scheduled Life. It’s about a boy who has adapted to a lonely life and feels that being stuck in the same routine is the best way to live… that is until a transfer student shows up and takes an interest in him. Since this is a drama, I wouldn’t expect much comedy in it as I tend to write. In fact, I want this to connect with a lot of people who may suffer from the same type of depression as the main character. This one will be a more serious tone than anything else I had written before so it will be a challenge and something slightly out of my comfort zone but sometimes, that’s what you need to do.

I plan to start outlining the book shortly. Thankfully, while submissions are now open, they don’t close until January so I have plenty of time to work on this and get From Ashe Vol. 8 into a publish-ready state!

Those Pesky Cellphone Wallpapers

I updated and added the newer characters from From Ashe and I also created some for My Girlfriend Was Delivered by 2-Day Shipping. I also made them Discord exclusive so if you want to grab them, perhaps you should consider swinging by and checking them out. You also get early looks at any new artwork, updates before I drop them on social media, and a tight-knit friendly atmosphere!

Here’s a link:

Until Next Time

I told you it was a short update. Until September…

Ja ne!

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