July Progress Update

Welcome to the month of July where America is getting ready to celebrate its independence by blowing up a small portion of it. It also means that you get another progress update! Let’s jump right in!


Last month, we celebrated the launch of My Girlfriend Was Delivered by 2-Day Shipping! It became the best-selling launch title of my four series in both autographed sales as well as post-launch sales!

Thank you to everyone who checked it out! I have already gotten a lot of positive feedback on the title in the form of my first two 5-star ratings on Amazon along with several people telling me personally how much they enjoyed the book!

Hearing people enjoy my work is the greatest reward for being an author so I’m extremely happy that people are finding entertainment in my writing!

I also took out some paid ads to help get some visibility on the title. Once I save up some more money and/or check my finances at the end of the month, I’ll probably do it again. Also, the book trailer ended up garnering 7,092 views! Just incredible for something I slapped together with 5 total hours of experience in Adobe Premiere!

I know I said thank you already but I want to say thank you again for helping MyGF have an incredible launch! With it being a one-shot, I’m sure it’ll be easier to market than a full-length series so don’t get mad at me if I annoy the crap out of you all on social media about it!

Final Hope

Speaking of a modicum of success, Final Hope is doing pretty well on Royal Road. As of the time of this writing, 21 / 54 chapters have been published and we are nearing 1,000 views! I was told for this type of story, Royal Road would be a tougher platform to get eyes on so the fact that I am approaching 4-digit territory before the halfway mark is pretty good… especially for someone who has never posted on that platform before!

That’s about it on that front. Just wanted to give a quick update on its success!

From Ashe Vol. 8

Writing has begun! I started writing the book back on Tuesday, June 27. It is now Saturday, July 1

To quote Bon Jovi… “Whoaaaa… we’re halfway there…”

Yes, I have knocked out 3.5/7 chapters for Vol. 8! I took a break on Friday because I had spent 9 hours helping my company move from our temp office back to the main office. For those who don’t know, on March 17 at around 9 PM, a fire broke out at my company. It did about $30-35 million in damage. We said “Okay, challenge accepted” and were able to move back in as of June 30.

But… moving was… taxing. Even as I type this, I’m sore as hell and I even have the beginnings of what will be some nice bruises on my arms and legs. But, we got the job done. As you could imagine, I was in NO MOOD to write… but, I will make up for that this weekend and on Tuesday since I have the day off from work due to “MURICA DAY and all that.

I’m a bit happy with things so far. I had to change some stuff because it sounded good in my head but after writing it out and replaying it, I was like “ehh.. no.” I also was rearranging my outline a bit because some things didn’t make sense in the order I originally had them. It’s all good though. This happens a lot and the book still ends up as a banger!

I am not making any promises whatsoever but I am aiming to break my record. My record was writing MyGF in 9 days for a total of 55,000 words. I’m motivated to get From Ashe Vol. 8 done by Tuesday or earlier which would mean writing a 60,000+-word book in 7 days or less. I mean… it’s day 5 and I’m already at the halfway mark AND I don’t have work so… let’s get it done!

I’m A Light Novel Now!

Amazon has FINALLY done something good. They have updated their BISAC categories on the backend of KDP. It now includes every category that is offered through their website, which includes light novels!

Before, you had to email customer service and request them to manually change it to a category if it wasn’t already listed. Well, not anymore! I went through and updated every one of my published books so that they now all fall under the Light Novel category!

Every other service I have my books on already had the ability for you to choose Light Novel as a category when publishing and yet, a trillion-dollar company was severely behind even the smallest of start-ups.

Talk about embarrassing.

Glad to see that they finally got their ish together. Feckin’ plebs (#LoveYouAmberRyann)


If you live in the U.K., I am happy to announce that all of my books (From Ashe, A.R. Dragonfly, & MyGF) are now available to purchase through Gardners!

They were recently added to Draft2Digital’s network of partners so I took advantage of it and expanded my footprint in Europe. More buying options is always a good thing, especially in the international market so I’m very excited to offer my titles through the Gardners platform!

Smashwords Summer Sale

You probably saw an advertisement that my books would be 75% off ($1.24 USD) during the Smashwords Summer Sale and… well… that sale is now officially live!

You can pick up any volume from From Ashe, A.R. Dragonfly, and the newly-released MyGF for the sale price between now and July 31!

It’s a great opportunity to kick off the summer! Just visit any of my book pages and click on the Smashwords link under the ebook buying options.

Enjoy the summer savings!

Until Next Time

That’s going to wrap up the July Progress Update. I usually have a little extra something for the outro but… this time… I’ve got nothing except, I need some aspirin.

Moving sucks… especially when it’s not your stuff.

Until August…

Ja ne!

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