Hello and welcome to your April 2023 Regress Update! Usually, I don’t like to waste time and just get into it but I would like to make a very important announcement before getting into the things I have regressed on this past month.

Strap yourself in because this is going to be kind of hard for me to write.


The esoteric meaning of the number 21 is representing the superiors of humankind. A human being’s position between matter and spirit is also represented by the number 21.

The human condition between physical and spiritual realms along with being an unstable hybrid product of genetic manipulation is often a topic of discussion. Question… do you see an Arcadian Renaissance or a renewed cultural interest in Hermetic subjects on the horizon?

Despite your position, I, sadly, do not. It seems like the essence of Hermetic tradition has become watered down over the ages. For example, look at what’s happened to astrology. The recovery of our divine essence with regard to the fallen angel of matter hasn’t been easy. Especially with all of the obstacles provided by the Roman Catholic Church and others.

For millennia, the view from Earth projected outward at the sky meant the outermost planet to the eye, Saturn, was number 7. On the tree of life, the sphere associated with Saturn is the 3rd, Binah, first of the three Supernals. Binah has a numerical value of 67. This sphere is the first above the barrier of the abyss, in the center of which is the hidden 11th sphere associated with Uranus.

Breath, Spirit. Air. Concerning that, Saturn entered Aquarius, an air sign, on December 17, 2020, and the great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter occurred on December 21, 2020, commencing a *roughly* new 200-year cycle… 7 generations of great conjunctions in exclusively air signs of the zodiac starting with Aquarius.

Some astrologers consider this kind of an announcement for the Age of Aquarius. The Zodiacal association with the 17th tarot card, The Star, is Aquarius which in classic astrology was ruled by Saturn and in modern astrology by Uranus. The defining astrological events of 2021 are squares between the 6th and 7th planets from the sun, Saturn, and Uranus. The first square between them, 2/17/21, will both have them at 7 degrees.

What does this all mean? It means pineapple belongs on pizza. Thank you for listening and for understanding that you were wrong this whole time.

Toward Ashe

With the release of Volume 7 of From Ashe, I realized that I made a terrible mistake. Since the very first volume, I realized that I had given away the ending to the series in the synopsis. In addition, I did the same through every form of advertising.

I have constantly stated that this is Ashe’s journey to becoming a published author. It clearly states that she is going to become a published author, therefore, I have mistakenly given away the ending before I even released the first volume.

Imagine the egg on my face when I realized this error nearly two years later! This is why I am announcing that From Ashe is hereby canceled and will now be rebooted as Toward Ashe.

This will be the story of Ashe Sawyer as she heads toward ruin by failing to become a published author!

Let’s hope I just don’t make that mistake again!

Final Hope Web Novel Update

This project is canceled simply because I don’t want to do it.

My Girlfriend Was Delivered by 3-Day Shipping

This is the sequel to the smash hit series that has 0 sales because it hasn’t even been released yet but the projections look good!

In this story, a lonely boy orders a sex doll and when he receives it, there’s an actual sex doll inside! He then takes it and uses it anywhere and everywhere! The beach, church, family reunions, and even at his mother’s own funeral!

Fun for the whole family that is sure to not offend you if you were born during or before the 1980s! (no guarantee on anyone born in 1990 and onward).

Now that I’ve written that, after careful consideration, this project is also canceled.

A.R. Butterfly

Revisiting the world of A.R. Dragonfly but this time it centers around Anna and Riku, Amber and Kaito’s children! Watch as they grow up normally without any drama or painful experiences. They spend their days sitting in their room and writing in their diaries about the normal and mundane lives that they have until one day, a butterfly lands on Anna’s window sill and she suddenly has the desire to become a military combat pilot for the country of Uzbekistan!

Like the others before it, this project will also be canceled but not after I make a whole bunch of promotional graphics to get your hopes up.

Artwork Update

I am announcing that I have terminated my artist Alex. This was quite an easy decision because his artwork and speed were second-to-none and I was very happy with his work. I loved it so much that I decided to move on from him because I just can’t have too much of a good thing in my life.

But that’s okay because while this was a heavy loss, my new artist is flawless in every way shape, or form because I’ve hired a free-to-use A.I. art generator website! So far, it has done a PERFECT job replicating all of my characters!

For example, check out its rendition of Renji!

Absolute perfection! He has never looked better!

Until Tomorrow

Thank you for checking out my Regression Update! It’s going to be an exceptionally long time before I get to my Progress Update. In fact, one might say you’re going to have to wait 24 whole hours!

24 is a big number. It is the product of adding 21 and 3 together. 21 is divisible by 7, the same number of degrees as Saturn and…

Yeah, you get the point


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