Progress Update – March 2023

This will be a short and sweet update this month as, once again, the work weighs heavier than the explanation. Let’s jump into what I’ve been up to.

From Ashe Vol. 7 Art Update

In the last update, Alex only had a scene and the cover to finish. The scene is done but the cover is taking a bit longer than I had anticipated. I’m only getting an update once per week from him so the sketch took a week, the inking of the characters took another week, the coloring of the characters took, yet, another week, and now I’m waiting on the cover’s background to be colored.

With Alex breezing through the commissions, I didn’t foresee the snag on the cover. I had an internal release date of February 13 for Vol. 7 but here we are on March 1 and still no release. Just being transparent as to why the book is taking a while to release. I just need that last component for the cover and I can get the book out there.

Final Hope

With MyGF’s editing finished, I have turned to Final Hope. The goal with my first series is to break it down into a free web novel; however, I know that web novel chapters are usually 2,000-2,500 words so I’m working on breaking up the chapters into web-sized chunks.

It’s not as easy as highlighting a chapter until I have 2,500 words and cutting/pasting it into a document. There is re-writing needed to make things flow better. Plus, my writing style has changed since this book and there were some things I didn’t like the first time around.

As of now, the first seven chapters of the book have been broken, re-edited, and re-written into web novel chapters.

Once I finish this project, I will be looking for some platforms to release it on. From there, I may do bi-weekly or tri-weekly updates. Not sure yet but I don’t just want to unload the whole book at once. I want a steady content stream so new readers have something to look forward to.

I will also be working on From Ashe Vol. 8 as I release the Final Hope chapters.

Roadmap Update

I thought it would be fun to repost the roadmap I did back in November’s update and see where we are at. Nothing like some visual progress to compare!

ORIGINAL: November: From Ashe Vol. 4, 5, and 6 Cover Remakes, Editing on Volume 7 begins
UPDATE: Cover remakes for 4-6 Complete!

ORIGINAL: December: From Ashe Volume 7 editing concludes, and artwork begins. Editing on MyGF Begins/Concludes
UPDATE: Vol. 7 Editing Complete!

ORIGINAL: January: Release From Ashe Volume 7, Artwork on MyGF begins. Editing on Final Hope begins/concludes
UPDATE: Vol. 7 still needs to be released. The artwork for MyGF still needs to begin. Start editing Final Hope is underway!

ORIGINAL: February: MyGF released, Artwork for Final Hope begins, Writing for From Ashe Vol. 8 begins
UPDATE: This still needs to happen

ORIGINAL: March: From Ashe Vol. 8 Editing/Artwork begins, Final Hope begins releasing on Web Novel Platforms
UPDATE: This still needs to happen

ORIGINAL: April: From Ashe Vol. 8 Tentatively Set for Release
UPDATE: This will not happen in April.

There’s still work to be done and while I’m getting it done on my end, Alex still needs to complete his share for us to move forward. I have MyGF’s art commission sheet done and ready to go. It consists of 14 commissions (10 characters and 4 scenes). We’ll see how fast that gets completed. I made the decision to go with Zara’s original art for Final Hope as it’s a web novel. All it needs is a cover and I can handle that myself.

Until Next Time

That’s where we are at. Short and sweet. Hopefully, I’ll have some better progress to report next month.

Until then,

Ja ne!

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