The next installment of the slice-of-life drama light novel series, From Ashe is here! You can pick up a copy today in Paperback, Hardcover, and/or Kindle format to continue your journey alongside Ashe Sawyer as she aims to become a published author!


One Chapter Ends, Another One Begins!

As the writing competition comes to its conclusion, Ashe must turn the page and forge ahead, regardless of the outcome. However, the next chapter in her life proves to be a difficult one as she looks to challenge herself in ways she hadn’t done so before.

While she meets those challenges head-on, little does she know that events are happening in the background that could bring all of it to a grinding halt! Ashe is about to be put to the test!

As always, From Ashe Vol. 6 is available in the following formats:

Paperback – $12.99
Hardcover – $19.99
Kindle – $4.99
Kindle Unlimited – Free

You can find the primary link here where all three versions should be available on the same page:

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