August Progress Update

Will someone turn this damn heat off!?


Welcome to another progress update. This month will probably be short on explanation but the workload sure as heck won’t reflect it! Let’s hop into it!

From Ashe Vol. 6

Last month, I talked about how I needed to start writing Chapter 4 of the book. Well, one month later I can say that not only is the entire book finished but the first three chapters have already been edited and had a grammar/spellcheck pass!

In addition to editing Vol. 6, I am also filling out the outline for Vol. 7! Vol. 7 is going to be a pivotal volume in the series as it’s going to bring one major character’s story arc to a close while continuing Ashe taking that next important step to becoming a published author!

I already have some of the storylines continuing on into Vol. 7 as well as a new storyline beginning with the introduction of another new character that will be joining the supporting cast! A small hint… this new character will actually have a story with Renji which will further enhance a story that I am already telling with him now!

So, yeah… lots of work going on, even if the explanation doesn’t reflect that.


I’m not the only one working as Alex is cranking out artwork for the book! I commissioned 9 pieces which include the cover, three full-body renders for characters that had to have their artwork skipped due to my previous budget issues, and five scenes for Vol. 6… all of which I cannot show you due to spoilers but I can show you the new (or old) characters at the very least!

Saraya & Ashe grace the cover of Vol. 6

Speaking of the cover… there you go!

This is Nick Allen, Noah’s older brother!

This is Sebastian Graham… head judge of the writing competition and [REDACTED]

Here is Wilfred Cunningham, Jessica’s father and business friend of Dennis Powell

That’s all I can really show without venturing into spoiler territory. If Sebastian’s attire looks like Daiki’s from My Girlfriend Was Delivered by 2-Day Shipping, that’s because it is. I used Daiki as a test dummy to give Sebastian’s attire a test run!

Also, if you haven’t read From Ashe yet (first off… shame on you! You really should fix that ASAP!), then Sebastian’s creation continues my streak of writing a story with a Sebastian character in it! Two Futures, Final Hope, A.R. Dragonfly, and now From Ashe all have a character named Sebastian in it! When I finish From Ashe and start Reincarnated as a Wolf Girl Assassin, you can bet there will be a Sebastian in there, too! I already plan on him being a cute young wolf boy! (Boy, am I getting ahead of myself, haha).

Alex already finished the ending scene and, as of the time of this writing, is finishing one of two scenes that will be in the Valentine’s Day chapter of Vol. 6!

Release Date!

I mentioned on Twitter that I would be revealing the release date of From Ashe Vol. 6. That release date is going to be…

Monday, September 5, 2022!

Pre-orders for autographed copies will open on Monday, August 8, and close on Friday, August 12! As always, autographed copies will be $25. I’ll make a post here and on social media to remind you all so don’t worry. I’ve got you covered!

My Girlfriend Was Delivered by 2-Day Shipping

Just a quick update on this.

As of the time of this writing, chapter 12 is up and the book has crossed 24,000 views and is nearing 200 likes!

I can’t thank you enough if you’ve taken the time to read it! The next time I do a progress update (September 1), the submissions for the contest would have closed and all 15 chapters would have been posted.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! I know I’m the author and anything positive I say is going to sound biased but I do have way more positive comments than negative ones so people are really enjoying this story!

So, check it out… drop some likes and comments on it… and help me take that step forward so I can beat Ashe to becoming an officially published author!

Read it here:

Until Next Time

I know these outros sound like a broken record but it truly is the life of an author when I say that there is still plenty of work to get done.

Just a list of things that will happen between now and September 1…

  • From Ashe Vol. 6 First Editing Pass (chapters 4-7)
  • Writing/Editing/Finalizing From Ashe Vol. 6’s Bonus Chapter
  • Edit and post the final three chapters of My Girlfriend Was Delivered by 2-Day Shipping
  • Announce and take autographed copy pre-orders for Vol. 6
  • Complete second/final editing pass of Vol. 6
  • Compile/format/design the physical and ebook versions of Vol. 6
  • Launch Vol. 6 and market the hell out of it
  • Finalize the outline for Vol. 7
  • Start writing Vol. 7 to meet my internal launch date deadline of… well, maybe I shouldn’t say in case things come up, haha.

It never ends but I don’t mind it because it’s always a fun experience!

Onward and upward!

Until next time,

Ja ne!

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