From Ashe Vol. 4 Available Now!

I know this post contradicts my previous announcement of a delay until January 10, 2022; however, it was due to the fact that I was behind on editing and I wasn’t really happy with the story when I went through it during my first editing pass.

Then, on Thanksgiving weekend, I put my head down and edited the entire book in one 12-hour period, and as I re-read the story… there wasn’t much I really wanted to change. I ended up happier with it than I had originally thought. Thanks to spending an entire day on the book, I realized that I had overshot my delay to the point where I didn’t really need it… for Amazon, that is.

Autographed copies are another story. While I was able to get the print version of the book up for a special Black Friday sale, I still needed to get Hardcover and Kindle versions up. Well, I figured that I had come this far, so might as well keep driving forward. Now, here we are on Monday, November 29, and we have the Print, Hardcover, AND Kindle versions up and ready for sale!

So… why wait until January 10? I am in a position where people can get their copies before Christmas which was the original intention! I guess I was just being safe rather than sorry which isn’t a bad thing, I suppose.

Be that as it may, From Ashe Vol. 4 is available now!


Ashe takes on a brand-new challenge in the form of her very first writing competition! As she gears up for the competition, life continues to pound away on her without any remorse. Through it all, Ashe discovers that she has a knack for problem-solving… whether it is trying to patch things up between Kelsey and her son, or playing cupid between two of her competition rivals! Ashe’s journey is far from over as she soon learns that a path to becoming an author isn’t a simple, straight line. Here, she will have to navigate the many turns her path throws her way.

As always, From Ashe Vol. 4 is available in the following formats:

Paperback – $12.99
Hardcover – $19.99
Kindle – $4.99

You can find the primary link here where all three versions should be available on the same page:

As far as Autographed Copies go… the Journey to an Author Pack deal CONTINUES!

Normal Price for an autographed copy: $25

Sale Price:
$20 for 1 book
$35 for 2 books
$50 for 3 books.
If you buy the first three volumes of From Ashe, I will give you Volume 4 for FREE!

This stacking savings equates to $5 off for 1 book, $15 off for 2 books, $25 off for 3 books, and $50 off for all four volumes, giving you a 50% discount! Also, if you were to buy all four on Amazon, you would end up paying $52 before tax and shipping (if you don’t have Prime). So this deal is even cheaper than Amazon retail price AND you get my lovely scribbles all over the first page!

Since I do not keep books in stock, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery from the end of the sale period as I need to get them from Amazon, sign them, then ship them back out.


If you wish to order an autographed copy, do the following:

  1. Email
  2. In the subject: From Ashe
  3. Indicate which volumes you want
  4. Indicate if you want a general or personalized autograph
  5. Include an email that you can receive a PayPal invoice to
  6. Include your shipping address (U.S. Residents Only)

Now is the perfect time to begin your journey alongside Ashe as she aims to become a published author!

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