Amazon’s KDP is going through a beta program. I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in it which allows me to publish a book in hardcover format.

I decided to use From Ashe Vol. 1 as a test to gauge both interest and quality.

Sadly, since this is a beta program, I cannot order author copies of a hardcover book so I will not be able to do pre-orders/autograph them should I decide to do this with future volumes (at least it goes from beta to live and they allow them to be ordered)

It does cost about double to print a hardcover than it does a paperback but rather than charging double the price, I am able to go with a $19.99 price tag for it.

If you wish to grab yourself a hardcover edition, you may do so at the following link: From Ashe Vol. 1: Piedra, Joshua J, Garcia, Alex: 9798500014986: Books

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