The tenth installment of the slice-of-life romance original English light novel series is here! Volume 10 of A.R. Dragonfly is available in both paperback and Kindle formats for the standard pricing as all of my other light novels! Get ready to continue Amber Ryann’s epic journey today by picking up a copy via the links below:

Physical Version: $9.99

Kindle Version: $4.99

Change is inevitable in all things. When it does happen, you are given two options: either change with it or watch the world change as you get left behind. For Kaito and Amber, change With the reappearance of Jeremiah Carmichael, Sebastian finds himself at a crossroads with his father. In the meantime, Amber and Kaito are getting adjusted to the changes happening in their lives. Some of those changes end up being a first-time experience for Amber and they become moments that she will never forget.

Of course, If you have been enjoying the series thus far, please help spread the word so that more people can share your enjoyment of A.R. Dragonfly!

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