The next installment of the critically-acclaimed original English light novel series is here! Volume 8 of A.R. Dragonfly is available in both paperback and Kindle formats for the standard pricing as all of my other light novels! Continue your journey today by picking up a copy via the links below:

Physical Version: $9.99

Kindle Version: $4.99

Secrets… everybody has at least one. A secret can range from something that is insignificant to something that can alter everyone’s perception of you. Takumi has withheld a secret from everyone that has caused tension and turmoil; especially with Kaito and Lynn. When Takumi’s secret is revealed, the way everyone looks at him is changed forever.

I hope that you all enjoy the next installment of the A.R. Dragonfly series!

If you have been enjoying the series thus far, please help spread the word and let’s get all of that geeky goodness into more hands!

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