The fifth volume of A.R. Dragonfly is now available to purchase on Amazon in both physical and Kindle formats!

Physical Version: $9.99

Kindle Version: $4.99

After the BlazeCON Invitational Tournament, a new rivalry is sparked between Amber Ryann and Kaiza Shirazou. However, this rivalry has a greater impact than one would expect as everyone heads into the launch of Blaze Auras: The Underhollow. With new maps and a new game mode, the gang prepares to tear through the competition!

Site Updates
As for the site updates, Koroshi has been added to the characters page and there are new cellphone wallpapers for Amber, Sebastian, and Koroshi waiting for you in the downloads section.

No desktop wallpaper this time around as with the switch in artists, the artwork looked too dissimilar. Desktop wallpaper will be back with Volume 6.

Enjoy the new release, everyone!

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