As the title of the post implies, I am having a Black Friday Sale!

Starting at Midnight, 11/29 and running through 11:59 PM (Pacific Time… so that’s 3 AM to 2:59 AM for you Eastern Time People), ALL of my light novels in Kindle format are free for the taking!

That means Final Hope Volumes 1+2 and A.R. Dragonfly Volumes 1-4!

I will even sweeten the pot. If you don’t have a Kindle and don’t mind a PDF, I will give that to you for free as well.

I may not be in front of a computer all day but if you message me and let me know you want it within the 11/29 time period, I will send you a free PDF of the volume/series of your choice!

You can find links to each volume up on my menu bar. Simply hover over Final Hope or A.R. Dragonfly and you’ll find links to purchase them. Simply select Kindle during the time frame and pick up your copy for free!

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