Akane Reveal & Wallpaper Details

A few days ago in my July update, I talked about Akane Akihiko (Kaito’s mother)’s artwork. I received the completed version of that today so let’s not beat around the bush any further! Here is Akane Akihiko!


With Akane’s completion, I can finally share the details of a brand-new desktop wallpaper with you.

Since A.R. Dragonfly is a series that is heavily embedded in video game culture, I decided to make a wallpaper that reflects that. First of all, let’s show off the base wallpaper:


As you can see, the wallpaper resembles that of a fighting game. If it looks a tad familiar, that’s because it was inspired by Mortal Kombat 11. The background is also a teaser as it’s an original creation by me that will debut in Volume 4. By original creation, I mean that I used a lot of free brushes from Brusheezy to “paint” this landscape haha.

So, what is special about this wallpaper?

You can submit a request for any of my two characters and I will place them on either side that you designate for you.  For example, you can tell me “I want Amber Ryann on the left and Kaito Akihiko on the right” and you’ll get a wallpaper that looks like this:


So, what is with the ? tiles on the wallpaper?

Starting in Volume 5 of A.R. Dragonfly, there will be a code in the book. Whoever gets a copy of the book and finds the code can submit it. That will unlock a new character and the first person to submit the code will get their name credited in Volume 6 and beyond!

Requests can start now and there is no limit to the amount of requests you can submit. If you would like a customized wallpaper, simply use the contact form on my site and submit a request and I will email any and all requests out to you.

Also, unlocking characters won’t be the only interactive thing. There will also be codes in the books to also unlock alternate artwork for some of the characters. Think of it as free DLC!

Hope you like the wallpaper idea and/or the Akane artwork!

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