Welcome to #IndieApril!

#IndieApril is about celebrating independent authors. As an independent author myself, I wanted to take this opportunity to help bring even more awareness to the original English light novel community by highlighting some authors I have come across on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord! This is simply a list of authors and where you can find their works. I do hope that you end up checking them out as our community is pretty niche as we cater to a demographic that is still growing here in the U.S. and around the world.

Without further adieux, here are some authors I feel you should check out!

Brandon Varnell
Official Website: https://www.varnell-brandon.com/
Published Series: American Kitsune, A Most Unlikely Hero, Arcadia’s Ignoble KnightThe Executioner, Journey of a Betrayed Hero
Twitter: @BrandonBVarnel

C.S. Mills
Official Website: https://alightnovelist.com/
Published Series:Beyond the Dome: A Blue-Collar Hero
Twitter: @Lightnovelist90

Alvis Freeman
Published Series:Angelic Killer: Birth of an Angel
Twitter: @AlvisFreeman

Morgan Hart
Published Series:Clandestine
Amazon Author Page: Morgan Lionheart

Trent Moullae
Published Series:The Protector
Twitter: @trent_yy

Alex Theriot
Published Series:Sword Quest of Enigmatic Souls
Twitter: @alextheriot

Azure Whitewood
Published Series: Help! My LItter Sister is Disappearing!
Twitter: @AzureWhitewood

Christopher Bair
Official Website: https://www.marikotakashi.com/
Published Series: Mariko Takashi
Twitter: @MarikoTheWitch

Akiro Akimoto
Official Website: https://morinovel.wordpress.com/
Published Series: Prime
Twitter: @AkiraAkimoto9

Published Series: Your Soul!My Pen
Twitter: @tamakidesu_

Melissa Wong
Published Series: Atlantis: The Visionary Continent
Twitter: @authormwong

This should get you guys started! #IndieApril is all month long so this will not be the only post! Please remember to support all independent authors (not just light novelists) during this month!

Of course, once you finish the main course above, save some room for Final Hope and A.R. Dragonfly! I’d link you to the official website for these books but you’re kind of already on it. At least, that’s just the hunch I have!

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