December Update

Things are still moving along rather nicely with A.R. Dragonfly’s second volume! We are in the home stretch phase of the book and while I make no promises, it’s looking like a mid-January release, which is what I kind of predicted. I don’t want to say “Okay, guys! The book is coming out mid-January!” and have that be set in stone. I always want to account for unforeseen delays but that’s the plan for right now. Once I know, for sure, that I can launch the book in that time frame, I will formally announce an official release date.

So where are we at with the book?

8 / 10 pieces of art are finished and I received the sketch for piece number 9, which is Jeremiah Carmichael, Sebastian’s father! Jeremiah was in the first volume of the book but didn’t have any artwork done because he had such a small part. He plays a bigger role in volume two (as well as volumes three and four) so I felt that artwork was needed for him.

With that being said, here is the sketch for Jeremiah to give you an idea of what he looks like!


I know I said I would also provide updates on the art but I cannot show you the 8th piece of art as it would be a major spoiler to a big plot point in volume two which is why I showed Kaito (piece #7) and skipped over to Jeremiah (piece #9).

Speaking of art, I’ve been working on a few pieces myself. I’ve worked on an official logo for the Legacy of Champions tournament, as well as a special 2-page spread which will serve as the book’s final pages to the main story section… although I’m worried about how that will look in black and white. I’ll also have to figure out how to set up the book to display in Kindle so digital readers can enjoy the spread in full color. I don’t want to spoil the ending to the book so I’ll keep that art piece hidden for now. Until then, enjoy the logo I made for the Legacy of Champions tournament!


As for the book itself, with the art being very close to finishing up, I’ve begun the process of going through each chapter and doing any final revisions. At the same time, I’m also creating the Reference List bonus section.

Also, there is something else I will be sharing later this month. My artist completed the artwork for a special side project and what was created from it has been sent out to the people I wanted to send them to. Not everyone has received it as of the time of this writing but once they do, I will let the rest of the world know what the special project was. I just don’t want to post about it here and then have them see it and get spoiled as to what I sent them.

I will say that I have a few of them left over and so an opportunity will be had to claim one for yourself! I look forward to sharing that with you in about a week so check back then!

Until then, this has been your December update! We’re very close to the finish line and I can’t wait to share this volume with all of you! Then I get to do this all over again with Volume 3! YAY! haha!

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