There has been an idea that I have been mulling over for quite a while now… almost close to half a year, to be honest. Today, I decided that I was going to pull the trigger.

I have decided that Final Hope will be discontinued as a paid option and will now live on as a Web Novel on!

So, why would I do something like this?

There are a couple of reasons; the biggest being that after conversations I’ve had with several other authors, one of the things I do not have is a soft entry point to my works. In other words, there should be a good introduction to what I’m about, my writing style, and something that people can invest their time in without having to worry about getting to that content behind a paywall. If someone can read something of mine for free, and if they enjoy it, they may want to check out my other works and that could lead to my other series becoming more popular.

Growth is always a good thing, people!

Another reason (which speaks directly as to why I chose Honeyfeed over other services) is that I want to expand my footprint in Japan. Honeyfeed is under the QDOPP company which I am very familiar with. Working at The Outerhaven, I have a few contacts over at QDOPP and have covered some of their press releases before. Plus, Honeyfeed has a unique relationship with MyAnimeList and is looking to open an agency for literary works on Honeyfeed.

For those who dream of having their work get turned into an anime, you need connections in Japan… plain and simple. This could be an avenue for me to do just that.

Will it happen?

The chances, as with anything in this medium, are slim but being on Honeyfeed, they are no longer zero. I’ll just put it at that.

Next, it was choosing which series to put on Honeyfeed. I chose Final Hope because it is my earliest series, has already garnered some positive feedback, and is the shortest of my three series making the entry pain point (as in length of time to read) less than A.R. Dragonfly or From Ashe.

Plus, with it being my oldest series, sales are less than A.R. and Ashe… both of which are still performing pretty well. That made the decision a no-brainer as to which series I should choose.

Plus, with this possibly opening up a new avenue for me, Final Hope is a bit symbolic. It was my first-ever OELN series and that, in and of itself, opened the avenue for me to become an author. Now, I’m hoping that the series can do it again on a new, digital path.

With that being said, both volumes of Final Hope have been compiled into 1 novel (yay my first omnibus?) and are on Honeyfeed for free right now! However, I didn’t want to short-change any of the people who bought the physical versions of my book so the Honeyfeed version will be just the story and nothing else.

The Biographies, Alternate Endings, Outtakes, etc that were in the books will not be a part of the Honeyfeed version.

If you want to check out the book, you can do so at the following link:

You can also find a link in the Buy Books section of the website!

Happy reading and I hope we can take this new journey together!

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