Black Friday is here and I am holding several deals for today and today only! I am giving discounts on autographed copies of my series for those who would like to start or continue their journeys with a bit of a personal touch to them!

Sale ends at 8:00 AM on Saturday, November 27. U.S. residents only.

DISCLAIMER: I do not keep books in stock. In order for me to autograph these, I will need to order them from Amazon. With the pandemic, supply chain issues, and the holidays, it may take several weeks to receive your order.

Below are the different packs that you can pick up!

Journey to an Author Pack


This pack includes all FOUR volumes of From Ashe! Normally, an autographed copy is $25 each; however, I am giving you the first three volumes at a stacking discount and the fourth volume FREE!

If you wish to pick up the volumes individually, here are the prices

1 Volume – $20 (Normally $25) (This includes the brand-new Vol. 4 if you are continuing your journey!)

2 Volumes – $40 (Normally $50)

3 Volumes – $50 (Normally $75)

Pro Gamer Pack


This pack includes all FOURTEEN volumes of A.R. Dragonfly! An autographed copy of A.R. Dragonfly is normally $15; however, I am lowering that to $10 per book and giving away volumes 11, 12, Origins Amber, and Origins Kaito for FREE!

For individual copies, they are $10 each!

Time Travel Pack


This one is as simple as it gets. This is a buy one, get one free deal! Normally, an autographed copy is $25. I am giving you a $5 discount and giving you the second volume for FREE!

The Starter Pack


This pack contains the first volume of Final Hope, A.R. Dragonfly, and From Ashe so that you can start your journey on all three of my series!

Living the Digital Life Pack

All PDF copies of any of my books are completely 100% free to the public! (Normally, this deal is reserved for reviewers, bloggers, YouTubers, etc.). Plus, you do not have to wait for the books to come in, you will receive these tomorrow once the sale officially ends!

You can also receive a free PDF copy of the book for any books you purchase during the sale if you wish to do so.

To order:

  1. Email:
  2. In the subject, indicate which pack you wish to purchase or just say “Black Friday” for custom orders
  3. Provide an email address I can send a PayPal invoice to along with a shipping address (if it’s a physical book order)
  4. I will confirm your order.

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