It’s always fun to think about the future. I knew that A.R. Dragonfly wasn’t going to last forever. There was going to be an end point at some point. While Volume 12 is a VERY long time away, I wanted to think about what was next after A.R. Dragonfly. I don’t intend to stop writing and I’ve had three story ideas floating around in my head as to what to do next:

Shadow Wing


Unnamed Project

I know that last one sounds the most mysterious but Shadow Wing was my very first attempt at writing a novel. I hand wrote 144 pages back in high school and sat on it. I went on to do Final Hope and A.R. Dragonfly instead so I decided that enough is enough. Shadow Wing will be my next light novel series….

But it won’t be Shadow Wing.

What do I mean by that?

I went back and I looked at what I had written. I thought about the plot line from beginning to end and it just came off like some sort of generic fantasy medieval magic story with demons invading and all that fun stuff. Pretty much anything you could find on an isekai anime today.

I didn’t want that but I also didn’t want to ruin the idea of what inspired me to write that story. So, I decided that I am going to keep the core story the same… but I am going to redo the entire plot that supports the core story.

Since everything will be changing dramatically, it didn’t make sense to call it Shadow Wing anymore.

So therefore… I have decided to rename the series. I cannot tell you when work will begin on it. I cannot even tell you what the new plot will be just yet.

What I CAN tell you is the name.

I give you: The Zero Eclipse!

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